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Chapter 3. Tool Time: Creating in Illust... > Drag-and-Drop Instead of Copy-and-Pa... - Pg. 68

KillerTips Illustrator CS2 DRAG-AND-DROP INSTEAD OF COPY-AND-PASTE If you need to make a copy of an object, don't copy-and-paste (you could, but that's the slow way because you then have to move the pasted object where you want it). Instead, just press- and-hold the Option key (PC: Alt key) as you drag the object with the Selec- tion tool (V) and you'll make a copy and position it in one step. If you want to make a copy perfectly aligned with the original, after you've started dragging, press- and-hold the Shift key, in addition to the Option key (PC: Alt key). CHANGE TOOL SETTINGS ON THE FLY As you drag the mouse to create shapes with tools such as the Star, Polygon, and Spiral tools (nested under the Rectangle tool on the Toolbox), use the Up and Down Arrow keys to in- crease or decrease the number of points, sides, or segments as you draw the shape. Here we used the Down Arrow key as we dragged out a shape with the Polygon tool. 68 CHAPTER 3 · Creating in Illustrator CS2