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Chapter 6. Working with type > Understanding text flow

Understanding text flow

For this next section, you will keep the shoe_poster.ai file open, but create a new blank document in addition to it. The purpose is to find out more details about flowing text in Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Choose File > New. In the Document Setup, choose Inches for Units, and keep other defaults the same. Click OK.

Create a fixed type area by selecting your Rectangle tool () and clicking once on the page...do not click and drag! The Rectangle dialog window appears.

Type 2 inches into both the Width and Height text fields. Click OK.

A square appears. It may have a fill or stroke color. Both fill and stroke will change to None when the shape is converted into a type area.

Setting the dimensions



If you inadvertently dragged the cursor, you have a small rectangle. Delete this using Edit > Undo, or Ctrl+Z (Windows)/Command+Z (Mac OS). You can also delete by pressing the Delete or Backspace key.

Select the Type tool () and cross it over the edge of the square. The text insertion point swells, or becomes curved, indicating that when you click, the text cursor will appear inside this shape.

The text insertion point when crossed over an edge of a shape.

Result. The text cursor is inside the shape, strokes and fills are changed to none.


Even though there is a hidden Area Type tool in the toolbox, it is not necessary to switch to this tool.

With the cursor still active in the square, choose File > Place and navigate to the Lesson06 folder inside the AICIB folder on your hard drive. Select the file order_copy.doc, and then choose Place. You have selected a native Microsoft Word document to place so you will have additional options to choose from.

In the Microsoft Word Options dialog window, leave at the default settings and click OK.

The text appears in the square. Text remembers the last used settings, so your type may appear slightly different from that in our example; this is not a problem.



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