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Pasting layers

To complete the clock, you’ll copy and paste the finishing parts of artwork from another file. You can paste layered files into another file and keep all the layers intact.

Choose File > Open, and open the Details.ai file, located in the Lesson07 folder, inside the Lessons folder within the AICIB folder on your hard drive.

Clock.ai file.

Details.ai file.

Layers palette for Details.ai file.

If you want to see how the objects are organized on the layers, Alt/Option+click the eye icons in the Layers palette to alternately display each layer and hide the others. You can also click the triangles () to the left of the layer names to expand and collapse the layers for further inspection. When you’ve finished, make sure that all the layers are showing and that they are fully collapsed.

If a layer is hidden, its objects are locked and cannot be selected or copied.

Choose Select > All and then Edit > Copy to select and copy the clock details to the Clipboard.

Choose File > Close. If an Adobe Illustrator alert window appears, click No (Windows) or Don’t Save (Mac OS) to close the Details.ai file without saving any changes.

In the Clock.ai file, choose Paste Remembers Layers from the Layers palette menu to select the option. (A check mark next to the option indicates that it’s selected.)

Selecting the Paste Remembers Layers option indicates that when multiple layers from another file are pasted into the artwork, they’re added as individual layers in the Layers palette. If the option is not selected, all objects are pasted into the active layer.

Choose Edit > Paste In Front to paste the details into the clock.

The Paste In Front command pastes the objects from the Clipboard to a position relative to the original position in the Details.ai file. The Paste Remembers Layers option causes the Details.ai layers to be pasted as four separate layers at the top of the Layers palette (Highlight, Hands, Brand, Stripes).

Drag the Layers palette by its lower right corner to resize it and display all the layers in the palette. As you can see, some of the layers need to be repositioned.

Close any open layers and move the Frame layer above the Highlight layer and then the Face layer above Frame.

Release the mouse button when the indicator bar with large black triangles extends the full column width above the Highlight and Frame layer. (You want to create a separate layer, not a sublayer.)

Paste artwork from Details.ai file.

Layers are added from Details.ai file.

Now you’ll move the brand and hands into the Face layer and the highlight in front of the Frame layer.

Choose the Selection tool (), and click away from the artwork to deselect it.

In the Layers palette, select the Highlight layer, and drag it up between the Face and Frame layers.

Move Highlight layer up above Frame layer.

Click on the arrow to the left of the Face layer to show the sublayers.

Click the Hands layer and Shift+click the Brand layers in the Layers palette.

Drag the selected layers up between the Numbers and <Path> sublayers; when the insertion bar appears between those sublayers, release the mouse button to make the Hands and Brand layers sublayers of the Face layer.

Drag Hands and Brand layers up into Face layer.

Choose File > Save to save the changes.



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