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Chapter 3. Transforming Objects > Changing the perspective

Changing the perspective

Now you’ll use the Free Transform tool to change the perspective of the company name.

Select the Group Selection tool () in the toolbox, and click on the company name two times to select the group.

Hold down the Option/Alt key, then click and drag slightly down and to the right to copy the selected text.

Select the Scale tool () from the toolbox, then Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) click the left side of the text to set the scaling reference point, and to open the scale dialog box. Enter 300 in the Uniform Scale text field. Click OK.

With the text selected, select the Free Transform tool () in the toolbox.

Position the double-headed cursor () over the bottom right corner of the object’s bounding box. The next step will require a little coordination, so follow directions closely. Click and drag the bottom right corner handle, while dragging press Shift+Alt+Ctrl (Windows) or Shift+Option+Command (Mac OS), slowly drag downward to change the perspective of the object.


If you were to use the modifier keys at the same time as clicking to select, the perspective feature would not work.

Holding down the Shift key as you drag scales an object proportionally. Holding down Alt/Option scales an object from its center point. Finally, holding down Ctrl/Command as you drag distorts an object from the anchor point or bounding box handle that you’re dragging.

Choose Window > Transparency to open the Transparency palette and enter 20 in the opacity textbox to fade the text into the background.

Change perspective.

Change transparency.

Choose Select > Deselect.

Choose File > Save. You can either minimize the file and leave it open on your desktop, or close the file.



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