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Review questions

1Why might an object that has no fill not become selected when you click on it?
2How can you select one item in a group?
3How do you edit the shape of an object?
4What should be done after spending a lot of time creating a selection that is going to be used repeatedly?
5If something is blocking your view of a selection, what can you do?
6What are the basic shape tools? Describe how to tear or separate a group of shape tools away from the toolbox.
7How do you draw a square?
8How do you draw a triangle?
9Describe three ways to specify the size of a shape.

Review answers

1Items that have no fill must be selected by clicking on the stroke.
2Using the Group Selection tool, you can click once for an individual item within a group. Continue to click to add the next grouped items to the selection. Read Lesson 7, “Working with Layers,” to see how you can use layers to make complex selections.
3Using the Direct Selection tool, you can select one or more individual anchor points and make changes to the shape of an object.
4For any selection that you will need to use again, choose Select > Save Selection. Name the selection and reselect it at any time from the Select menu.
5If something is blocking your access to a selection, you can choose Object > Hide > Selection. The object is not deleted, just hidden in the same position until you choose Object > Show All.
6There are five basic shape tools: Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Rectangle, and Rounded Rectangle. To separate a group of tools from the toolbox, hold the pointer over the tool that appears in the toolbox and press the mouse button until the group of tools appears. Without releasing the mouse button, drag to the triangle at the end of the group, and then release the mouse button to tear off the group.
7To draw a square, select the Rectangle tool in the toolbox. Hold down Shift, and drag to draw the square, or click to enter equal dimensions for the width and height in the Rectangle dialog box.
8To draw a triangle, select the Polygon tool in the toolbox, start dragging to draw the shape, and press the Down Arrow key to reduce the number of sides to three. Or click to enter the radius and number of sides in the Polygon dialog box.
9To specify the size of a shape, you can do any of the following:
  • Select the shape and specify new dimensions in the W (width) and H (height) text boxes in the Transform palette.

  • Select the shape and then select the Scale tool in the toolbox. Alt/Option+click to set the point of origin and specify the dimensions in the Scale dialog box (click Copy to make a scaled copy of the selected object).

  • Select the shape, and drag a side or corner handle of the shape’s bounding box to resize its width, height, or both. (Shift+drag a corner handle to resize the selection proportionally.)



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