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Chapter 2. Selections and Shapes > Using the Selection tool

Using the Selection tool

Choose the Selection tool (). Position the mouse over the different star shapes without clicking. Note the icon that appears as you pass over objects (), indicating that there is an object that can be selected under the pointer. Click on the yellow star in the upper left corner. A bounding box with eight handles appears.

The bounding box.

The bounding box is used for transformations such as resizing and rotating; it also indicates that this item is selected and ready to be edited. This could mean changing its size, color, position, or any number of other things.

Using the Selection tool, click on the star to the right and notice that the first star is now deselected and only the second star is selected.

Add another star to the selection by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the first star. Both stars are now selected.

Add other items to a selection by holding down the Shift key.

Reposition the stars anywhere on the document by clicking in the center of either selected star and dragging. Since both are selected, they travel together.


If selecting an item without a fill, you must click on the stroke (border).

Deselect the stars by clicking on the artboard where there are no objects. If you prefer, choose Select > Deselect.

Revert to the last saved version of the document by pressing the F12 key or choose File > Revert. In the Revert dialog box, click Revert.



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