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Getting started

You’ll be working in one art file during this lesson, but before you begin, restore the default preferences for Adobe Illustrator CS2. Then, open the finished art file for this lesson to see an illustration.

To ensure that the tools and palettes function exactly as described in this lesson, delete or deactivate (by renaming) the Adobe Illustrator CS2 preferences file. See “Restoring default preferences” on page 3.


Due to the differences in Color Settings from one system to another, you may receive Missing Profile alert messages as you open various exercise files. Click OK when you see this message. Color Settings are discussed in Lesson 14, “Printing Artwork and Producing Color Separations.”

Double-click the Adobe Illustrator icon to start the Adobe Illustrator program.

When started, Adobe Illustrator displays a Welcome Screen with hyperlinked options.

Use the Welcome Screen to find out what’s new in Illustrator CS2, and gain access to tutorials and Cool extras. Cool extras include fonts and sample files. The Welcome Screen also offers the option to create a new document from scratch, or from a template, or to open an existing document. For this lesson you’ll open an existing document.


If you prefer not to have the Welcome Screen appear at startup, uncheck the Show this dialog at startup checkbox. You can open the Welcome Screen at any time by selecting Welcome Screen from the Help menu.

Click on the Open Document button in the lower right of the Welcome Screen, or choose File > Open, and open the L1strt.ai file in the Lesson01 folder, located within the AICIB folder on your hard drive.

The work file is a tag prepared for print.

When the file is opened, and Illustrator CS2 is fully launched, the menu bar, the toolbox, and five palette groups appear on the screen. The Transparency/Stroke/Gradient palette group is docked with the Color/Attributes palette group. Notice the new Control palette across the top of the work area. Illustrator CS2 consolidates many of your most frequently accessed palette items into the Control palette. This lets you operate with fewer visible palettes.

You will use the L1strt.ai file to practice navigating, zooming, and investigating an Adobe Illustrator CS2 document and work area.

Choose File > Save As, name the file Shoeworld.ai, and select the Lesson01 folder in the Save As menu. Leave the type of file format set to Adobe Illustrator Document, and click Save. If a warning message appears referencing spot colors and transparency, click Continue. The Illustrator Options window appears; leave the options at the default and click OK.



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