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Chapter 5. Color and Painting > Applying Live Paint

Applying Live Paint

Live Paint lets you paint vector graphics intuitively by automatically detecting and correcting gaps that previously would have affected how fills and strokes were applied. Instead of having to plan every detail of an illustration, you can work more as you would coloring by hand on paper.

With the vectorman.ai file still open, use the Selection tool () to select the traced image and choose the Live Paint button in the Control palette. This creates a Live Paint group which can now be easily painted.

There are some gap issues to work with before painting. Gaps are the little spaces that leave openings in shapes that allow for paint to leak from one shape to another. Before starting the paint work on Vectorman, choose Object > Live Paint > Gap Options. The Gap Options window appears.

Close Gaps using Gap Options.

Check the Gap Detection checkbox, the gaps are highlighted in red.

Change the Paint stops at: drop-down menu to Medium Gaps. This will stop paint from leaking through some of the large spaces as you apply paint. Click OK.

Choose File > Save. Leave this file open.

Select the Live Paint Bucket tool () from the toolbox. Before painting, choose Fill in the Control panel and select Canary Yellow in the Swatches palette. In the CS2 version, the Fill and Swatch control palette items link to the Swatches palette.

Move the mouse over the cape strap. As you move over Live Paint objects in the traced image, they highlight. Click when part of the cape strap becomes highlighted.

Coloring a shape using the Live Paint Bucket tool.

Repeat this step, filling in the side edge of the cape strap with the Canary Yellow.

Keeping the Live Paint Bucket tool active, select Va Va Va Voom Red from the Swatches palette. You can use Window > Swatches, to access the Swatches palette, or click once on Fill in the Control palette. With Red selected, move the mouse over the left side of the Adobe logo “A” emblem on the front of Vectorman and click when it becomes highlighted. Repeat this for the right side of the emblem. The A becomes Red.

Referencing the L5_End.ai illustration, complete the painting of this illustration. You can use the colors in the example, or create your own interpretation.

It is helpful to zoom in to see details. Don’t worry if you fill a region with the wrong color, just choose the right color and fill again.

When completed, choose File > Save, and close the file.



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