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Chapter 8. Blending Shapes and Colors > Adjusting the direction of the gradient...

Adjusting the direction of the gradient blend

Once you have painted an object with a gradient fill, you can adjust the direction that the gradient colors blend in the object. Now you’ll adjust the gradient fill in the other chile pepper.

Use the Selection tool () to select the chile pepper in front. Notice that it’s painted with a radial-type gradient (as indicated in the Gradient palette).

You can create linear or radial gradients. Both types of gradient have a starting and an ending color of the fill. With a radial gradient, the starting color of the gradient defines the center point of the fill, which radiates outward to the ending color.

Select the Gradient tool () in the toolbox.

Select gradient-filled object.

The Gradient tool.

The Gradient tool works only on selected objects that are filled with a gradient.

Click or drag the Gradient tool across the selected chile pepper to change the position and direction of the gradient’s starting and ending colors.

Drag Gradient tool at an angle.


For example, drag within the pepper to create a short gradient with distinct color blends; drag a longer distance outside the pepper to create a longer gradient with more subtle color blends. You can also drag from the ending color to the starting color and vice versa to transpose the colors and reverse the direction of the blend.

Deselect the artwork by choosing Select > Deselect, and then choose File > Save.



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