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Lesson 5. Using Points and Paths > Adding the Bike And Rider

Adding the Bike And Rider

The last piece you need to add to your drawing is the cyclist you created earlier. Remember that the cyclist file contains several layers. You will import all of those layers into this document along with the objects on the layers. You drew many elements for the bike and the cyclist, and they are not grouped. When you first import the file, all of the elements are selected, making it easy for you to immediately group them. If you were using the bike and rider in numerous other documents, you might want to group all of the elements in the cyclist file. Since you are using them only in this document, however, you will group them once they are imported.

Choose File > Import and locate your cyclist.fh11 file. Move it off to the side to the pasteboard and then click to place the file.

Placing the image on the pasteboard instead of on the page makes it easier to select all of the parts of the bike and rider if you inadvertently deselect the elements. You’ll move the image back to the page after you group all of the elements.

Choose Modify > Group.

All of the elements are grouped as one. The group appears on only one layer. Before you move the rider to the page, you need to change the order of the layers.

Drag the road and mountain layers below all of the layers for the bike and rider. Move the cyclist group to the page and position it on the road.

Depending on the curvature of your road, you may need to rotate your cyclist. If necessary, double-click the group and use the transform arrows to rotate the cyclist. You want the wheels of the bike to align with the stripe in the road.

Save your file.

Take a break. You deserve it after this lesson.



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