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Lesson 4. Using Layers > Changing the Layer Color

Changing the Layer Color

You may have noticed a blue color chip next to each layer on the Layers panel. That color corresponds to the color used to highlight the points and paths of the items on that layer. When you select an item on your drawing, you can easily glance at the Layers panel to see the assigned layer. But if you have a more complex drawing, you may have difficulty figuring out which objects are on which layers. To help you see which objects are on the same layer, you can change the layer color for key layers. Then all you need to do is select an item and check the color of its points or paths to see which layer it is on.

In the next steps, you will select a color from the Crayon color library and use that color for the film layer.

Choose Crayon from the Swatches panel Options menu.

You may need to scroll down the list of options in the menu to see the color libraries. The list has several color libraries that you can use in your drawings. PANTONE® colors are used for print, and web-safe colors are used when you are creating graphics to be used on a web page. The Crayon color library contains colors you might recognize from your childhood.

Select Burnt Sienna from the color swatches and click OK.

The color is added to the Swatches panel.

Drag the Burnt Sienna color chip from the Swatches panel and drop it on the blue color chip next to the film layer on the Layers panel.

The layer color changes. To see the color change, select the filmstrip on the page. You should see brown handles around the bounding box of the object. Select the canister; it has blue handles because it is on a different layer with a layer color of blue.

Save your file.

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