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Hosing it Down

The Graphic Hose is a tool you can use to spray objects on your page. With a garden hose, you spray water on your flowers. With the Graphic Hose tool, you can create flowers to spray on your page. The Graphic Hose tool allows you to place multiple copies of a graphic element on a page, randomly changing the size, rotation, or spacing between each object. Whereas brush objects are attached to paths, the Graphic Hose tool places individual elements on the page. Unlike with a brush, you do not need to use symbols when you create a graphic hose—symbols just make your task easier if you want to make changes. In addition, when you add symbols to a graphic hose and spray the page, you are placing instances instead of copies of the graphics, keeping the file size smaller.

Drag one instance of each candy symbol to the page.

Since all of your objects are now symbols, you first need to drag a copy of each one to the page.

To add an object to a graphic hose, you copy it and then paste it in the hose. To add multiple objects to the hose, as you will do here, you will select the instances one by one and paste them in the hose.

Select the first candy symbol and choose Edit > Copy. Double-click the Graphic Hose tool and choose Hose. From the Hose pop-up menu, choose New and for the hose name, type candy. Click Save.

Click Paste In.

The first copy of your candy is added to the hose as Object 1.


You can add up to 10 objects in each graphic hose. Switch to the Pointer tool when adding multiple objects to the hose so you can select the other items to add to the hose instead of spraying with the hose.

Copy the next candy object and repeat step 3. Continue until you have added all of your colors of candy to the hose. To see a preview of an object in your hose, choose that object from the Contents pop-up menu.

Now you are ready to see the options for the hose.

Click Options. From the Order pop-up menu, choose Random. From the Spacing pop-up menu, also choose Random and drag the spacing slider to 74. From the Scaling pop-up menu, choose Random again and drag the scaling slider to 104. From the Rotate pop-up menu, choose Random and type 12 as the rotate angle.

You can leave the Hose option window open as you try out your hose.

Drag the hose pointer around the page.

As you drag, your candy images are sprayed on the page. Experiment with the hose settings to see what effect each option has on the sprayed images.



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