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Lesson 1. FreeHand Basics > Creating Rounded Corners

Creating Rounded Corners

You’ve completed the basic camera; now you can make some changes to make it look even better. For example, the corners of the camera body are squared; you can round them to make the camera look more realistic.

Select the camera body rectangle.

Make sure that you select the larger rectangle, not the rectangle filled with black.

Choose Window > Object if the Object panel is not already open.

The Object panel shows the dimensions of the selected rectangle and a setting for the corners of the rectangle.


Once a rectangle is created, you use the Object panel to change the corners. You can also change the corner setting for the Rectangle tool before you draw your objects. Double-click the Rectangle tool to open the Rectangle Tool settings and enter the corner radius you want. This setting remains in effect until you change it again.

Deselect the Uniform option for Corners. Type 4 for the top values and 8 for the bottom values.

You can specify a corner radius for each corner of a rectangle. If you wanted all corners the same, you would leave Uniform selected.


The Object panel also has a setting for making the curve of the corner convex (the default) or concave. Click the concave button to toggle this option on or off.


Polygons have corner radius controls similar to the controls for rectangles. You would apply the corner settings to the polygon before you cut the polygon with the Knife tool.

Save your file.



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