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Lesson 1. FreeHand Basics > Using the Polygon Tool

Using the Polygon Tool

The Polygon tool can be used to draw equilateral polygons such as triangles and hexagons. (Polygons are closed geometric objects that have three or more sides. If all the sides are equal in length, the polygon is equilateral.) You can also use the Polygon tool to draw stars with three or more points. To draw the top section of the camera, you’ll draw a six-sided polygon and place half of it behind the camera body. The Polygon tool is grouped with the Rectangle tool.

Hold down on the Rectangle tool. From the tool pop-up menu, choose the Polygon tool.

Double-click the Polygon tool on the Tools panel to open the Polygon Tool dialog box.

This dialog box is where you select either a star or a polygon and set the number of sides for the object.

Select Polygon for the shape type and then type 6 for the number of sides. Click OK.

Hold down Shift as you drag with the Polygon tool to constrain the rotation of the polygon. Rotate as you drag to change the position of the polygon. You want two of the sides to be horizontal.

The Shift key constrains the rotation to 15-degree increments. Don’t worry about the size of the polygon; you’ll resize the shape in the next step.

Switch to the Pointer tool and drag one of the corner handles of the polygon to stretch the shape horizontally.

You may want to move the polygon over the camera so you can size it based on your camera. Move it down so that only a small portion of the polygon is above the center rectangle.

Since you want only the top portion of the polygon showing, you need to either cut off the bottom part or hide it. In the next section, you will learn how to slice the object with the Knife tool.



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