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Lesson 1. FreeHand Basics > Duplicating an Object

Duplicating an Object

FreeHand provides several ways to duplicate an object. For instance, you can use the familiar copy and paste method, the Clone command, or the Duplicate command. Here, instead of using any of these methods, you will use what is referred to as a duplicate drag.

Using the Pointer tool, select the vertical line.

The line changes to blue, indicating that it is selected.

Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) as you drag the line to the right. Add the Shift key to keep the line from moving up or down as you drag.

The pointer displays a plus sign when you drag, indicating that you are making a copy. Position the new line approximately the same distance from the right edge of the rectangle as the first line is from the left edge.


Make sure that you first press the mouse button on the line and begin to drag. Then, hold down the Alt or Option key. FreeHand confirms you are making a copy by adding a plus sign to the pointer. If you press the modifier key first, you will access the Subselect tool and will modify the line instead of duplicating it. The Subselect tool is covered in a later lesson.

Power Tip

For Windows only, right-mouse click and drag an object. When you release the mouse button, a menu appears where you can choose to move or make a copy of the object.

Select the Blend tool from the Tools panel.

The Blend tool lets you create and modify blends from one object to another by dragging. You can specify a point on each object to control the way the blend is drawn. Here, you use the Blend tool to quickly draw lines equally spaced between the original two lines.

Using the Blend tool, drag from the top point of the first line to the top point of the second line.

As you drag, the Blend tool adds an anchor to the top of the first line; you then drag out a line (like a rubber band) from that point to the other point. When you release the mouse button, 25 lines (the default number) are created between the original two lines.


Before you release the mouse button, you see a preview of the blend.

On the Object panel, change the number of steps to 8; then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

The number of lines in the blend change. Experiment with the number of steps in your blend to even out the vertical lines on your knob.



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