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Lesson 10. Creating Web Pages > Redefining the Connector Style

Redefining the Connector Style

As you’ve seen, the default style for a connector line is a line with a filled circle at the start of the line and an arrow at the end of the line. You can change the look of a connector line by changing the stroke properties on the Object panel. In the previous task, you drew several connector lines. To manually change each one of the lines would take some time. An easier approach, as you will see in this task, is to edit the style that controls the look of the lines. In Lesson 3, “Colors, Gradients, and Styles,” you used the Styles panel to create and save a graphic style. In this lesson, you will redefine an existing style.

Select one of the connector lines. On the Object panel, select the Stroke property.

You see all of the attributes for the line: the size and the color, plus options for arrowheads.

From the left Arrowheads pop-up menu, choose None.

The left pop-up menu controls the start of the line; the right pop-up menu controls the end of the line. Changing the option to None removes the circle from the start of the line for the selected stroke.


Many of your connector lines are overlapping so you may not be able to tell whether you’ve removed the circle. However, when you remove the circle, you may also see the line you’ve removed it from move slightly. When you redefine the style, all of the lines will be the same again, but now without the circle.

With the connector line still selected, choose Redefine from the Styles panel Options menu. In the Redefine Style dialog box, make sure that the Normal Connector style is selected. Then click OK.

All of the connector lines in your document are updated with the new line style, and any new connector lines you draw in this document will use the new style.


The Style panel displays a plus sign before a style name to iudicate that the style for the selected item has been modified.

Power Tip

The start and end of the connector lines are determined by the order in which you connect the objects. If you want to reverse a connector line, you can select the line and then choose Modify > Alter Path > Reverse Direction.

Save your file.

Your site map is complete. In the next task, you will use the Navigation panel to add a note to the page and then export the page as a PDF file. The note you add will be converted to a note comment in the PDF file.



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