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Lesson 9. Creating Animations and Movies > Using Macromedia Flash to Create New...

Using Macromedia Flash to Create New Movies

You decide you like the fading action and want to change the other images in your presentation to fade in as well. Instead of creating a new Flash movie for each image, you can use the Swap feature in Flash to replace the images in the first and last frames. The motion tween and Stop action remain, and you then just need to save the file with a new name. To do this, you need to open the movie in Flash—you can’t use the FreeHand to Flash link as you did in the preceding task.

In Flash, open the pic1.fla file in the Media folder within the Lesson09 folder.

You want to locate the file you updated in the last task, not the original file from the CD.

Select frame 1 and then click the image on the stage.

The image in frame 1 appears blank, but you’ll see a blue outline of the image on the stage. Click within the blue outline.

In Flash, the stage is the area where you place all of your elements for your movie. In FreeHand, only objects with the page area are included in the final output of the document. In Flash, only objects within the stage area appear in the final movie.

On the Properties panel, click Swap. From the Swap Symbol dialog box, select pic2 and then click OK.

In Flash, you can animate only symbols. As in FreeHand, symbols are stored in a library. The four images you are using in this lesson were converted to symbols for you and saved in this document.

Select frame 10 and then repeat steps 2 and 3.

The first and last frames are replaced with the new image.

Choose File > Save As and rename this file pic2.fla.

Once you replace the images in the movie, you need to rename the file.

Press Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Command+Return (Mac OS) to test the movie in Flash.

The test movie shortcut is the same as in FreeHand. When you test the movie in Flash, a SWF file is created for you. You can use that file in your FreeHand document.



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