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Lesson 9. Creating Animations and Movies > Adding a Path Guide to the Master Pa...

Adding a Path Guide to the Master Page

In the next task, you will add some graphics to new pages you create from a master page. All the graphics are the same dimension and you want to place each graphic in the same position on each page. You could place the first graphic, jot down the X and Y position of the graphic, and use the Object panel to position each imported graphic. Instead, you will add a guide to the master page, and use the guide to position each graphic. When you used guides before, you used ruler guides. You pulled the guides from the Page Ruler or used the Edit Guide command to add horizontal or vertical guides. In this task, you will draw an object, and then turn that object into a path guide.

On the Document panel, click the Edit button to edit the second master page. Draw a rectangle 287 pixels wide by 219 pixels high and place it within the gray rectangle on the camera.

The graphics you will add are this size, and you want the rectangle the same size. Your rectangle should have a stroke, but no fill.

Select both the gray rectangle and the rectangle you just created and align them to their centers.

Hint: remember you can use the Align panel and double-click the center panel to quickly align objects to their centers.

Press Tab to deselect everything, and then select the rectangle you just added.

In the next step, you will convert the new rectangle to a path guide.

On the Layers panel, click Guides and then move the Guides layer above the Foreground layer.

Your rectangle is converted to a path guide. You should see the outline color of the rectangle change to the guides color.

Close the master page edit window.

Your path guide appears on the page. Any new page you add that uses that master page also displays the path guide. If you want to remove the guide, drag it off the master page.

In the next task, you will use the path guide to position graphics as you import them into new pages.



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