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Editing a Master Page

After you create a master page, you may want to make changes to it. You may have noticed that you can’t select objects on the master page while you are working on a page in your document. This feature ensures that you don’t accidentally move or delete objects on the master page while working on individual pages. To make changes to objects on a master page, you need to edit the master page.

Select the Next button and its text and choose Edit > Cut.

You are going to remove the button from the page and add it to the master page.

Click the Document tab in the Properties panel group. Click the Edit button.

The master page document window opens, ready for you to make changes.


The pasteboard of the master page is gray, to help you remember that you are on a master page rather than a document page.

Choose Edit > Paste.

Position the button where you want it to appear on the page. The position of the object is not retained when you cut or copy and then paste an object.


Unfortunately, FreeHand does not have a “paste in place” feature. To be sure you paste an object in the same place as in its original location, you can note the object’s X and Y coordinates on the Object panel before you cut or copy it and then enter those values when you paste the object on a new page.

Press Tab to deselect all objects and then select the button. On the Navigation panel, from the Parameter pop-up menu, choose Next Scene.

The Action tool assigned Page 2 as the parameter, which was fine when the button was on page 1. Now that the button is on the master page, you need to reassign the action to jump to the next page in your document, regardless of the page number.


The options in the Parameter pop-up menu for controlling the action of the button are Next Scene, Previous Scene, Next Frame, Previous Frame, and the actual page number.

Close the master page edit window.

Your button now appears on both pages of your document.



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