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Lesson 3. Colors, Gradients, and Styles > Using the Swatches Panel

Using the Swatches Panel

You use the Swatches panel to store your mixed colors, name your colors, apply colors, duplicate colors, import colors from color libraries, and convert colors from spot to process, process to spot, and RGB to CMYK. The panel includes selectors for applying colors to the fill or the stroke, or to both the fill and the stroke, of an object.

Choose Window > Swatches to open the Swatches panel if it is not already open.

The Swatches panel is in the Assets panel group. You can also access the Swatches panel by opening this panel group if it is closed. The panel should display the yellow color you just created. The name of the color is the name of your color mix: 252r 237g 0b.


If the color is a process color, the name of the color appears in italics. The names of spot colors appear in plain text, as shown for your yellow color.

Drag the yellow color chip from the Swatches panel and drop it on the right side of your film canister.

FreeHand provides several methods for applying colors to objects on a page. The film canister is a large target, so in this case you can use the drag-and-drop method. For smaller objects, you can first select the object and then drop the color chip on the fill selector on the Swatches panel. You can also add a fill from the Object panel and then change the color from the color pop-up menu on the panel.



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