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Using the Arc Tool

An alternative method for drawing the bar code is to use the Arc tool. The Arc tool draws a quarter of an ellipse. The advantage to drawing the arc as you did previously is that the curvature of the arc exactly matches the curvature of the canister. Using the Arc tool is faster but may not be as accurate.

Choose Window > Toolbars > Xtra Tools.

Double-click the Arc tool to access the Arc tool options. Select Create Open Arc and Create Flipped Arc. Leave the other option deselected. Click OK.

FreeHand gives you three options for creating an arc:

  • Create Open Arc creates a single-line path between the end points of the arc. When this option is not selected, FreeHand joins the paths to create a pie shape.

  • Create Flipped Arc flips the orientation of the arc.

  • Create Concave Arc creates an arc with an outer corner.

Position the pointer just above the bottom of the film canister on the right side. Drag to draw the arc.

As you drag, you control the curvature of the arc. Drag up to make the curvature more pronounced. If you are not happy with the shape of the arc, you can delete the arc and try again. You can also use the Pointer tool to select one of the end points and then use the arrow keys to slowly adjust the arc.

Repeat from step 6 in the section “Drawing the Bar Code” to draw the remaining parts of the bar code.

If the arc is too long on one side, you can use the Knife tool to cut off that end. Make the cut before creating the additional copies.



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