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Drawing the Bar Code

Your film canister is almost complete, but you still need to add some text and the bar code. In Lesson 1, you used the Blend tool to create a specific number of equally spaced lines. To create the bar code, you will use a similar method. First, you need to create one of the lines that will be used for the bar code. The line needs to mimic the curvature of the canister bottom. There are several methods for creating the arc. Here, instead of trying to draw the arc, you will make a copy of the right side of the canister, split the object, and then use the Knife tool to make the arc smaller. You’ve already learned all of the skills needed for this task, making this next exercise a good review. You may want to try drawing the bar code on your own. If so, just skip the following steps.

Make a copy of the right side (the yellow side) of the canister and move it off to the side.

Use any method you’ve learned to make the copy.

Drag the selection rectangle around the copy to select all of the points.

The four points of the object should be hollow, indicating that the points are selected.

Choose Modify > Split. Press Tab to deselect everything. Select and delete the top and side objects.

You need only the bottom portion of the split object.

Move the arc over the yellow part of the canister, toward the bottom.

This curved line is the bottom line of the bar code. It is longer than the canister and needs to be cut. In the next step, you will use the Knife tool to make the line smaller.

Select the Knife tool and drag it vertically through the selected curved line to make the cut. Press Tab to deselect everything and then select the line to the right of your cut. Delete this portion.

The resulting curved line should follow the curvature of the bottom of the canister. Now you just need to make some copies of the line and blend them to create the bar code.

Power Tip

The Knife tool works only if the object is selected. If the object is not selected when you choose the Knife tool, you can press Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) to change to the Pointer tool and then select the line. When you release the Ctrl or Command key, the cursor returns to the Knife tool. This shortcut for the temporary Pointer tool works with any of the other tools and is a real time saver.

Use the Alt-drag or Option-drag method you’ve learned to make two copies of the new curved line. Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain the movement.

You don’t want the two new lines equally spaced. Make the space between the first and second lines bigger than the space between the first line and the original line.

Hold down Shift and select the three lines. Choose Modify > Combine > Blend. On the Object panel, change the number of steps for the blend to 8.

You can experiment with the number of steps to see what results you like the best.

Save your file.



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