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Lesson 2. Adding Pages and Text > Using Baseline Shift

Using Baseline Shift

If you need to adjust the baseline of a character so it is different from the baseline of other text in the text block, you can use the baseline shift controls. You can move the character baseline either above or below the baseline of the other characters. For example, if you want the expression H20 on your page, you can use baseline shift to move the 2 down. In this exercise, you want to move the registered mark above the baseline.

Change the measurement units to points.

When shifting text off the baseline, as you will do in the next step, it is easier to use points instead of another measurement system since text size is expressed in points.

Select the registered mark with the Text tool. Select the Text property on the Object panel and then click the Character button. Type 4 in the Baseline Shift text box and then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply the setting to the text.

A positive number moves the character up; a negative number moves the character down. You may need to adjust the number to match your text.

Power Tip

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to adjust the baseline. Press Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow (Windows) or Option+Up Arrow (Mac OS) to move the baseline up one point, or press Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow (Windows) or Option+Down Arrow (Mac OS) to move the baseline down one point.

Position the insertion point before the registered mark and kern the spacing tighter between the last letter and the registered mark.

Try using the keyboard shortcuts to kern between the letters.

Save your file.



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