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Lesson 2. Adding Pages and Text > Importing Graphics

Importing Graphics

Many times when you create your documents, you will want to use existing graphics or images. If you created a graphic in FreeHand, such as the camera you created in Lesson 1, you could just open the other document, select the camera, copy it, and then paste it in this document. But what if you don’t have the application that created the other graphic? FreeHand imports several types of file formats, including: Macromedia Fireworks PNG, Adobe Photoshop PSD, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Adobe Illustrator EPS and AI files, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. In the next task, you will import your camera and then add some text.

From the Go to Page pop-up menu, choose page 1.

The Go to Page pop-up menu displays the selected page, changing the view magnification to fit the page. The first page should be the postcard page.

Choose File > Import. Select your camera.fh11 file and then click Open. Click to place the imported camera on the postcard page.

You can use the camera.fh11 file in the Start folder of the Lesson02 folder if you can’t find your camera file. The pointer changes to a corner cursor when you import files. Once the graphic is on the page, you can use the Pointer tool to move or resize it.


If you drag with the pointer instead of clicking, the imported graphic is sized to fit the area of the marquee you drag.

Hold down Shift and drag one of the corner handles of the graphic to resize it.

The graphic is grouped. When you select it with the Pointer tool, you’ll see four handles around the graphic. You want the camera to fill most of the area within the page, so resize it if necessary. Move the camera so there is some room at the top of the page for a headline.

Save your file.



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