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Lesson 2. Adding Pages and Text > Adding Custom Pages

Adding Custom Pages

In this section, you will add more pages to your document, each page a different size. You will also move the pages around the pasteboard to make them easier to manage.

From the Document panel Options menu, choose Add Pages.

The Options menu is located at the top right of an open panel. It contains commands that are unique to each panel.

In the Add Pages dialog box, choose Custom for the page size, select landscape mode, and type 3.5 as the X value and 2 as the Y value. Click OK.

This new page you are adding will be for the business card. When you click OK, the new page is added to your document, to the right of the first page. You may not see it in the document area, depending on your view magnification. However, you should see a new page added in the page area of the Document panel.

From the Magnification pop-up menu, choose Fit All.

You should now see both pages in the document window.

Select the Page tool from the Tools panel and click the second page.

When you click to select a page, a blue outline with handles appears around the page.

The Page tool allows you to move, resize, or change the page orientation of a selected page. Move the pointer over one of the handles of the selected page. The cursor changes to either a straight double-arrow cursor or a curved double-arrow cursor. With the straight double-arrow cursor, you can drag to change the page size. With the curved double-arrow cursor, you can drag to change the page orientation. If you want to experiment with these options, look at the Document panel as you change the page. You’ll see the new page size in the X and Y text boxes as you drag the handles. If you want specific page sizes, the easier approach is simply to enter the dimensions in the Document panel. If you want to make changes, just reenter the correct values to reset the page size.

Using the Page tool, drag in the center of the new page and move the page to the top right corner of the first page.

FreeHand won’t let you place a page on top of another page. If you move the page so it overlaps another page, the selected page snaps back to its original location when you release the mouse button. If you get close to the other page, the two pages snap together.

Position the Page tool over the second page. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and drag down about 8 inches.

As you drag, you’ll see a blue outline of the page. Holding the Alt or Option modifier key as you drag makes a copy of the page. Release the mouse button when the outline of this new page is below the first page.


You can move pages around the pasteboard using the page icons in the Document panel, but the process is much easier with the Page tool. Below the page icons on the Document panel are three buttons that change the icon sizes.

Use the Page tool to select the third page. In the Document panel, change the X value to 9.5 and the Y value to 4.125. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply the changes to the page.

This new page is the size of a #10 commercial envelope.


If your third page is not placed below the first page, you may get an error message indicating that FreeHand can’t change the page size because the page would overlap another page. Click OK to dismiss the dialog box, move your page with the Page tool, and then repeat step 7.


You can delete a page by selecting it with the Page tool and then pressing the Delete key.

Select each page with the Page tool and note its page number in the Go to Page pop-up menu on the Status toolbar (Windows) or at the bottom of the document window (Mac OS).

The page number is determined by the placement of the page on the pasteboard, from left to right, not the order in which you created the page. You can use the Go to Page pop-up menu to move from page to page in your document.



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