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Lesson 2. Adding Pages and Text > Changing the Page Size

Changing the Page Size

The camera you created earlier will be used as part of the logo for the Action Photos company. Instead of changing the camera file, you will import the graphic into another document and add some text. Then, in that file, you will add other pages of different sizes to create a business card, envelope, and letterhead.

Choose File > New to create a new document.

If you already have an untitled document open from the previous task, you can use that instead. The document contains one page with the default page size.

Change the measurement units to inches using the Units pop-up menu on the Status toolbar (Windows) or at the bottom of the document window (Mac OS).

The rulers change to display inches.


We changed the measurement system here to make it easier to define new page sizes. If you prefer to define your page size using different units, choose those units instead. You’ll then need to make the conversion from inches to your measurement unit in step 5.

Choose Window > Document to display the Document panel.

The Document panel is normally grouped with the Object panel in the Properties panel group. You can also click the Document tab in that panel group to select the panel.

Choose Custom from the Page Size pop-up menu on the Document panel.

You can choose from several preset sizes in the list, or you can define your own size using Custom.

Select the value in the X text box and type 4 as the width of the page. Press the Tab key to select the Y text box and type 6 as the height of the page. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to apply these changes to your page.

Your page changes to this new size.

On the Document panel, click the landscape page orientation button.

The page switches to 6 inches by 4 inches. You will use this page to create a postcard, and so it needs to be horizontal.

Save your document as corp_identity.fh11 in the Projects folder.



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