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Chapter 21. Creating Web Graphics > The Ascent of Web Graphics - Pg. 652

652 Chapter 21. Creating Web Graphics As a longtime print person, I was skeptical when I first heard about the Web. "A fad," I thought. "It'll never catch on." Oh, all right, I was wrong, OK? Hey, I was in good company (move over, Mr. Gates). Now, of course, I've moved on, and I create Web sites, banner ads, and animations without the least trace of egg on my face. As it has for so many, the Web has become an important part of my life. It's the same with Illustrator--for years Illustrator had very primitive, almost negligible, Web features. Today, though, Illustrator's Web features are so robust it is possible to create exceptional Web graphics and animations without using any other software. This chapter looks at all the options you have for creating Web graphics within Illustrator. This includes the traditional formats such as GIF and JPEG as well as newer formats such as PNG, SWF, and SVG. (I'll explain all these acronyms in just a bit.) I'll show you how to add special code within Illustrator so that your Web graphics contain links to other Web sites and how to take advantage of Illustrator's new SVG filters to create awe-inspiring graphic effects without creating awe-inspiringly large files.