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Chapter 20. Becoming Master of the Raste... > Filters and Effects for Raster Image...

Filters and Effects for Raster Images

Illustrator also offers a large number of filters and effects that you can apply to both vector and raster images. Usually, however, these filters and effects provide a more dramatic result when applied to raster images, especially those with a wide range of color. If you've glanced at the Filter and Effect menus you've probably noticed that the there are several commands that appear under both menus. Your artwork will look the same whether you have applied a filter or an effect, but there are some differences between the two commands that aren't initially and readily visible to the eye. Briefly, when you apply a filter, you change the structure of an object, and that change is permanent. When you apply an effect, you change only the look, or appearance, of an object, not its underlying structure. Effects can be edited or deleted at any time. For more details, refer to Chapter 19. But before you do, here are few pointers to remember when working with filters and effects on raster images.

  • As I mentioned in Chapter 19, once you apply a filter to an image, it cannot be modified or deleted (with the exception of the Edit » Undo command). Effects can be modified or deleted at any time.

  • Effects require loads of RAM and a rather fast processor. You may find that complicated images can slow down screen redraw.

  • The bottom set of filters can be applied only to raster images. The bottom set of effects can be used on either vector or raster images.

  • You must first embed the raster image within the Illustrator file to apply the commands under the Filter menu. This adds to the size of the Illustrator file. (Embedding will be covered later in this chapter.) However, you do not have to embed the raster image if you apply the command from the Effect menu.

  • Most of the filters and effects work only within the RGB colorspace. So you may have to switch from CMYK to RGB to apply a command.



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