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Chapter 11. Working with Text

Chapter 11. Working with Text

CorelDraw Fonts

CorelDraw Disc 1 (Fonts folder) and Disc 2 (Extra Fonts folder) contain scores of additional TrueType and Type 1 (PostScript) fonts that you can use. To view the new fonts and load them into your PC, you can use the Bitstream Font Navigator application (choose Programs > CorelDraw 10 > Productivity Tools > Bitstream Font Navigator). Note, however, that Windows can only handle about 500 fonts at a time. The more fonts you install, the longer it will take Windows to boot.

Pictures can be worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need actual words to convey a message. For instance, it's hard to imagine brochures or pamphlets without text.

There are two varieties of text in CorelDraw:

  • Artistic text is generally used for single text lines (such as titles) or for text to which you want to add a special effect, such as fitting the text to a path.

  • Paragraph text is used for blocks of text and text-intensive projects, such as ads, brochures, and newsletters.

Note that any text created in CorelDraw 10, whether artistic or paragraph, is a text object.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to perform the following text-related tasks:

  • Add artistic and paragraph text to documents

  • Format text by changing fonts and sizes

  • Change the spacing between characters and lines

  • Convert between artistic and paragraph text

  • Import text into a document

  • Make text flow between text frames, along a path, and into an object

  • Add bullets to a list and create drop caps



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