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Chapter 1. The Basics > What's New in Version 10?

What's New in Version 10?

Here is a brief rundown of the changes introduced in CorelDraw 10:

  • Perfect Shapes. Complex objects (such as flowchart symbols) can now be selected from the property bar (Figure 1.3).

    Figure 1.3. You can easily draw complex objects by choosing them from a menu.

  • Improved Tools. The Interactive Contour, Extrude, and Distortion Tools have been improved. The Knife and Eraser Tools can now be applied to bitmap images.

  • Undo Docker. You can track all changes you've made and step back through them, undo a series of actions in one step, or save them as a Visual Basic script (Figure 1.4).

    Figure 1.4. You can use the Undo Docker to undo one or a series of actions.

  • Page Sorter. Use this new thumbnail view to organize multi-page documents.

  • RealTime Preview. You can preview formatting options and effects before applying them to an object.

  • Color sliders. Sliders have been added to the Color Docker window.

  • QuickCorrect. Type Assist has been replaced with QuickCorrect, which uses the WordPerfect libraries.

  • Multilingual Text. You can now mix languages within a single text box.

  • New Web options. There's greater control over pages exported to HTML. A new Preflight tab on the Publish To the Web dialog box makes it simpler to find errors. Use the Image Optimizer to reduce the size of Web graphics. Use the Web Connector Docker to browse the Internet from within the program. You can create roll-over graphics for use as Web buttons.

  • Print separations. You can specify the order of color print separations.

  • Customization. All customization settings are now made from one dialog box.



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