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Chapter 15. Special Effects > The Interactive Transparency Tool - Pg. 256

Special Effects 256 Figure 15.29. When you click the container object (the heart), the contents (the photo) is redrawn inside of it. Tip · The container object can be any closed-path object created in CorelDraw, such as a star, polygon, or artistic text (Figure 15.30). The contents object can be any object cre- ated with CorelDraw or an imported object, such as a bitmap image or clip art. Figure 15.30. Large text can be an excellent container. The Interactive Transparency Tool You use the Interactive Transparency Tool to create transparent objects. If you place a transparent object on top of another object, the object beneath remains visible, though its appearance is changed by the see-through quality of the transparency. The Interactive Transparency Tool works like the Interactive Fill Tool (see Chapter 10), adding transparent uniform, fountain, pattern, and texture fills to objects. These fills are actually grayscale masks. A mask covers part of an object and restricts changes to that part. To create a transparency: 1. Select the Interactive Transparency Tool from the toolbox (Figure 15.31).