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Resizing Objects

Handles appear in a rectangular formation around an object when it is selected (Figure 4.16). These handles have various functions:

  • The handles that appear to the right and left center of the object affect the object's horizontal scale by making it wider or narrower.

  • The handles that appear at the top and bottom center of an object affect the object's vertical scale by making it taller or shorter.

  • The handles that appear at the corners affect the object's proportional scale by simultaneously changing its horizontal and vertical size.

Figure 4.16. You can manually alter an object's size horizontally (H), vertically (V), or proportionately (P) by clicking and dragging a handle.

To change an object's size:

Select the object with the Pick Tool.

Do one of the following:

  • To change an object's width, click the left or right center handle and drag horizontally.

  • To change an object's height, click the top or bottom center handle and drag vertically.

  • To proportionately change an object's size, click any corner handle and drag diagonally.

Release the mouse button when the object is the desired size.


  • Another way to resize an object is by typing new dimensions into the appropriate property bar text boxes and then pressing , as shown in Figure 4.17.

    Figure 4.17. To set an object's exact width or height, enter the dimensions in these property bar boxes.

  • You can keep an eye on an object's new size by watching the rulers as you drag.

More About Dragging Handles

  • To scale an object from its center, hold down while dragging a handle.

  • To resize an object in 100 percent increments, press while dragging a handle.

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