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Chapter 8. Page and Document Setup > Setting a Page Background

Setting a Page Background

You can add a background color or picture to any document. Backgrounds are commonly used on party invitations, brochures, and Web pages, for example. (Note that when you set a background, it is applied to all pages in the document.)

To add a document background:

Choose Layout > Page Background.

The Options dialog box appears, open to the Background section (Figure 8.6).

Figure 8.6. Choose a background color or picture in the Background section of the Options dialog box.

Select one of these options:

  • To remove an unwanted background, click the No Background radio button.

  • To set a single-color background, click the Solid radio button and select a color from the palette to the right (Figure 8.7).

    Figure 8.7. Pick a background color. Click Other to choose a color that isn't displayed.

  • To use a bitmap image (such as a JPEG file) as the background, click the Bitmap radio button, click Browse to display the Import dialog box (Figure 8.8), and select a picture file.

    Figure 8.8. Select a bitmap image to use as a background for the current document.

    From the drop-down list, choose Full Image to display the image as-is, choose Crop to use only a selected part of the image, or choose Resample to change the image's dimensions and resolution. Click the Open button.

Bitmaps only: In the Source section of the dialog box (Figure 8.9), click the Embedded radio button to add the background as a static entity. Click the Linked radio button to maintain a link to the bitmap file, enabling it to automatically update if you edit the bitmap.

Figure 8.9. You can set other options for bitmap backgrounds.

To change the size of the bitmap, click the Custom radio button in the Bitmap Size section and enter new horizontal (H) and vertical (V) dimensions.

Click OK.



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