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Chapter 10. Color and Fills > Color Management

Color Management

If you're creating professional illustrations, it's critical that the colors you see onscreen precisely represent what you'll see when you get the prints back from your service bureau. In fact, color management is all about matching colors on all devices involved in creating your drawings, such as a scanner, digital camera, monitor, desktop printer, and/or the service bureau's output device. Because color printing errors are costly, CorelDraw provides color management tools to help you avoid them.

To use the Color Management tool:

Choose Tools > Color Management.

The Color Management dialog box appears (Figure 10.17).

Figure 10.17. Set input and output device profiles in the Color Management dialog box.

Click the down triangle to the right of the device you want to configure.

A drop-down list appears.

Do one of the following:

  • If your device is listed, choose it.

  • Choose Color Profiles Online to see if a profile is available from Corel's Web site. When you reach the site, click the link for Tools–Color Profiles.

  • To check the CorelDraw software for the profile, insert Disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive and choose Get profile from disk. In the Browse for Folder dialog box (Figure 10.18), choose the Corel\Graphics10\Color folder on Disc 1 and click OK. In the Install From Disk dialog box (Figure 10.19), select the manufacturer and model number, and then click OK. The chosen profile is installed and selected for you.

    Figure 10.18. To add a device profile from the CorelDraw Disc 1, begin by opening the Color folder.

    Figure 10.19. Choose the manufacturer and model number for the desired device profile.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for any additional devices you want to configure.



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