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Chapter 13. Style & Edit Type > Special effects with type

Special effects with type

To wrap type around an object:

Create area type inside an object.

Choose the Selection tool.

Select the object the type is to wrap around . It can be a placed image with a clipping path from Photoshop.

Figure 2. Select a type object (not point or path type) and the object the type is going to wrap around.

Choose Object > Arrange > Bring To Front or use the Layers palette to bring the object forward (drag it upward).

Drag a marquee around both objects.

Choose Type > Wrap > Make . The text block and the object are now listed as a group on the Layers palette.

  • Use the Direct-selection tool to move the object the type is wrapping around. For multiple objects, Shift-click them first.

  • To adjust the space between the type and the wrap object, change the Left or Right Indentation value on the Paragraph palette for the type.

  • To wrap type around part of a placed image or vector object, create a separate object with the desired shape for the wrap with a stroke and fill of None, select the type and that object, choose Type > Wrap > Make, then bring the separate placed image to the front. To adjust the wrap, move or adjust the anchor points on the blank object with the Direct-selection tool.

Figure 3. The type wraps around the palm tree.


To undo a type wrap, select both objects using the Selection tool, then choose Type > Wrap > Release.



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