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Chapter 22. Effects & Filters > The Pen and Ink filters

The Pen and Ink filters

In this section, we discuss the Hatch Effects filter and the Photo Crosshatch filter. The Hatch Effects filter creates an amazing assortment of linework patterns by turning a path object into a mask and then creating a fill of linework shapes behind the mask. You can choose from 26 preset pen patterns, called hatch styles, that you can use as is or further modify using a wide variety of options. You can also create a new hatch from scratch from an Illustrator object.

To apply the Pen and Ink filter:

Select a path object.

Choose Filter > Pen and Ink > Hatch Effects.

Check Preview to preview the effect in the preview window in the dialog box (not in the document window). Uncheck Preview to speed processing.

Choose a predefined effect from the Hatch Effect pop-up menu . If you're satisfied with the pattern, click OK. To further modify it, follow any of the remaining steps.

Choose another predefined hatch from the Hatch pop-up menu to add to the current effect.

Move the Density slider to adjust the number of hatch shapes in the fill. Or to adjust the density a different way, click a different gray on the vertical grayscale bar next to the preview window .

For any of the following options, choose a setting other than None from the corresponding pop-up menu (read the sidebar on the next page), and move one or both of the sliders.

Dispersion controls the spacing between hatch shapes.

Thickness controls the line thickness of the hatch shapes. This property is available only for hatch styles that are composed of lines (Cross, Crosshatch 1, Vertical lines, and Worm).

Scale controls the size of the hatch shapes.

Big hairy monster?

Pen and Ink fills can be quite complex, and their direction lines and line endpoints may extend way beyond the edge of the original object. To prevent inadvertent selection of a Pen and Ink fill, put the Pen and Ink object on its own layer and then lock that layer.

If your Pen and Ink fill doesn't print, try reducing the file's Output resolution (see page 452). Also, don't apply the Pen and Ink filter to an object that already contains a Pen and Ink fill—it will demand too much from your output device.

Hatch Effect pop-up menu options

None: No effect.

Constant: Effect repeats without changing across the entire shape.

Linear: Effect intensifies in a progression from one side of the shape to the other.

Reflect: Effect varies from the center of the shape outward.

Symmetric: Like Linear, but more proportionate and even. Hatch shading looks like shading on a cylindrical object.

Random: Effect changes in a random, haphazard fashion across the shape.

The Linear, Reflect, Symmetric, and Random options have two sliders each, and their position controls the range of choices for that option. The greater the distance between a pair of sliders, the wider the range of possibilities for that option. Enter an Angle value or drag the angle dial to specify an axis for the change.

Rotation controls the angle of the hatch shapes.

Check Match Object's Color to have the hatch match the object's fill color or check Keep Object's Fill Color to make the hatch black and leave the object color unchanged.

From the Fade pop-up menu, choose whether the hatch style will fade To White or To Black across the shape. If the object's fill was a gradient, choose Use Gradient to color the hatch shapes with the gradient. You can enter an angle for the axis along which the fade will occur.

Click OK.

  • To save the current property settings to a custom Hatch Effect variation, click New at the top of the dialog box, enter a Name, then click OK.

  • To delete the current Hatch Effect variation, click Delete, then click Yes. Warning: This can't be undone by clicking Cancel or Reset in the Hatch Effects dialog box or by using Undo.

  • Click Update to save the current property settings to the current Hatch Effect variant. Warning: Update overwrites the existing Hatch Effect variant.

  • Click Reset to remove any property variations from the current Hatch Effect.



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