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Review questions

1:Name two benefits of using layers when creating artwork.
A1: Benefits of using layers when creating artwork include: You can protect artwork that you don't want to change, you can hide artwork that you aren't working with so that it's not distracting, and you can control what prints.
2:How do you hide layers? Display individual layers?
A2: To hide a layer, you click the eye icon to the left of the layer name; you click in the blank, leftmost column to redisplay a layer.
3:Describe how to reorder layers in a file.
A3: You reorder layers by selecting a layer name in the Layers palette and dragging the layer to its new location. The order of layers in the Layers palette controls the document's layer order—topmost in the palette is frontmost in the artwork.
4:How can you lock layers?
A4: You can lock layers several different ways:
  • You can click in the column to the left of the layer name; a padlock icon appears, indicating that the layer is locked.

  • You can choose Lock Others from the Layers palette menu to lock all layers but the active layer.

  • You can hide a layer to protect it.

5:What is the purpose of changing the selection color on a layer?
A5: The selection color controls how selected anchor points and direction lines are displayed on a layer, and helps you identify the different layers in your document.
6:What happens if you paste a layered file into another file? Why is the Paste Remembers Layers option useful?
A6: The Paste commands paste layered files or objects copied from different layers onto the active layer by default. The Paste Remembers Layers option keeps the original layers intact when the objects are pasted.
7:How do you move objects from one layer to another?
A7: Select the objects you want to move and drag the square selection indicator icon () (to the right of the target indicator) to another layer in the Layers palette.
8:How do you create a layer clipping mask?
A8: Create a clipping mask on a layer by selecting the layer and clicking the Make/Release Clipping Mask button. The topmost object in the layer will become the clipping mask.
9:How do you apply an effect to a layer? How can you edit that effect?
A9: Click the target indicator () for the layer to which you want to apply an effect. Then choose an effect from the Effect menu. To edit the effect, make sure that the layer is selected; then double-click the name of the effect in the Appearance palette. The effect's dialog box will open, and then you can change the values.



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