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Lesson 3. Painting > Copying paint attributes - Pg. 157

Painting 157 For an illustration of global and nonglobal process colors, see figure 3-1 in the color section. Now you'll change the display of the Swatches palette so that you can locate the color by its name. Choose List View from the Swatches palette menu to display the swatches by name and see the swatch you just named. 3. You can change how swatches are displayed in the palette--as large or small swatches, or by name. When you display swatches by name, the Swatches palette also displays icons indicating the color model and color type (individual process color, global process color, or global spot color). Copying paint attributes Adobe Illustrator lets you copy paint attributes of objects (such as their fill and stroke color) in various ways and apply the attributes to other objects. You'll use the eyedropper tool to copy colors from your artwork into the Color palette. Also called