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Lesson 1. Getting to Know the Work Area > Using Adobe online services

Using Adobe online services

Another way to get information on Adobe Illustrator or on related Adobe products is to use the Adobe online services. Selecting the Adobe Online menu item takes you directly to the product page on Adobe.com that lists the latest information on Illustrator.

Visiting the Adobe Web site

If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser installed on your system, you can access the U.S. Adobe Systems Web site (at http://www.adobe.com) for information on services, products, tutorials, tips, and community events on Illustrator.

If you have an Internet connection, from Adobe Illustrator, choose Help > Adobe Online, or click the icon at the top of the toolbox.

Click Go Online to connect to the Adobe Illustrator 10 Web page.

You can also choose to update the Adobe Online contents or set preferences to automatically refresh its contents before you use it. For instructions, see the next section, “Updating Adobe Online contents” on page 57.

Click any button in the Adobe Online window to open the linked Web page. The splash screen for Adobe Illustrator 10 online services appears, with buttons above the Adobe Illustrator title linking to topics on the Adobe Web site.

Adobe Illustrator 10 online splash screen

You can easily find information specifically on Illustrator—including the latest tutorials, quicktips and other Web content for Illustrator. Using Adobe Online, you can also download and view the current version of the Illustrator Top Issues document containing the latest Illustrator technical support solutions. Or you can learn about other Adobe products and news. You can also click links and view Adobe-suggested Web sites related to Illustrator and Adobe.

When you have finished browsing the Adobe page, close and exit the browser.

Updating Adobe Online contents

Because Adobe Online is constantly changing, updating its contents lets you quickly access the most current content available and be notified immediately of new product updates or upgrades. Adobe's servers perform this check automatically and without disturbing your workflow. If new product fixes, updates, or downloads are available, you will be notified the next time you launch your software or access the Adobe Online menu item. You can choose to accept or reject any items to download.

To set preferences to update content automatically, choose Edit > Preferences > Online Settings (Windows and Mac OS 9) or Illustrator > Preferences > Online Settings (Mac OS X).


If you have an Internet connection, you can also set Adobe Online preferences from Illustrator by choosing Help > Adobe Online or clicking the icon at the top of the toolbox, and then clicking Preferences.

Set the update frequency to daily, weekly, or monthly. Click OK to close the dialog box; or continue to the next step to update Adobe Online contents.

In the Adobe Online Preferences dialog box, click Updates to display the Adobe Product Updates dialog box.

You can also update content using the Adobe Product Updates dialog box by choosing Help > Downloadables; or by choosing Help > Adobe Online or clicking the icon at the top of the toolbox, and in the Adobe Online dialog box, clicking Updates. You can also get the most recent information and downloads at http://www.adobe.com/adobeonline.

In the Adobe Product Updates dialog box, choose a View option:

  • New Updates to display only updates that are new since the last time you viewed downloadable files or were notified of them.

  • All Updates to view all files on the Adobe Web site that are currently available for download.

To view a list of files, open the Downloadables folder (Mac OS) or the Download folder (Windows) and any other folder listed.

To see a description of a file, click a filename and view its description in the Item Description section.

To see the location where a file will be installed if downloaded, select a file and view its location in the Download Location section. To change the location, click Choose.

To download a file, click its checkbox and then click Download.

To close the Adobe Product Updates dialog box, click Close.

Now you're ready to begin creating and editing artwork.

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