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Working with palettes

Palettes help you monitor and modify artwork. By default, they appear in stacked groups. To show or hide a palette as you work, choose the appropriate Window command. Selecting a Window command, as indicated by a check mark, displays the selected palette at the front of its group; deselecting a Window command conceals the entire palette group.

You can reorganize your work space in various ways. Try these techniques:

  • To hide or display all open palettes and the toolbox, press Tab. To hide or display the palettes only, press Shift+Tab.

  • To make a palette appear at the front of its group, click the palette's tab.

    Click the Attributes tab to move the palette to the front.

  • To move an entire palette group, drag its title bar.

  • To rearrange or separate a palette group, drag a palette's tab. Dragging a palette outside of an existing group creates a new group.

    Palettes are grouped.

    Drag a palette by its tab to separate the palette from its group.

  • To move a palette to another group, drag the palette's tab to that group.

  • To display a palette menu, position the pointer on the triangle in the upper right corner of the palette, and hold down the mouse button.

  • To change the height of a palette, drag its lower right corner. (You cannot change the height of the Align, Attributes, Color, Info, Magic Wand, Options, Pathfinder, Stroke, Transform Type or palette.)

    Click to collapse or expand palette. A. Windows B. Mac OS

  • To collapse a group to palette titles only, click the minimize/maximize box (Windows) or the resize box (Mac OS); click the box again to expand the palette group.

  • To cycle through the available sizes for a palette, double-click a palette's tab or single-click on the double triangles to the left of the palette name. You can still access the menu of a collapsed palette.

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