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Review questions

1:How do you quickly scale an object using its bounding box?
A1: With the bounding box, you can scale objects easily by dragging the selection or a handle (one of the hollow squares surrounding the selected objects). The bounding box creates a temporary border around the selected object. You see an outline of the selection as you drag it. When you release the mouse button, the object snaps to the current border created by the bounding box, and you see the object's outline move.
2:What features of Smart Guides help you to draw an object that aligns precisely with another object in the artwork?
A2: Smart Guides have the following features to help you align objects precisely as you draw:
  • Smart Guides snap objects to guides when the objects fall within a specified tolerance (distance from the guides).

  • Text labels identify anchor points, intersection points, and alignment angles when the pointer is positioned over the points in the artwork.

  • Alignment guides indicate alignment angles or intersection angles when you roll over one or more anchor points with the mouse, then roll away from the anchor point or points.

3:What transformations can you perform with the free transform tool?
A3: You can distort, reflect, rotate, scale, and shear objects with the free transform tool.
4:How do you edit text that is contained in an envelope?
A4: To edit text contained in an envelope, choose Object > Envelope Distort > Edit Contents. Edit the text as desired. Then choose Object > Envelope Distort > Edit Envelope.



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