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Lesson 11. Creating Airbrush Effects > Highlighting a mesh object

Highlighting a mesh object

To give an object a three-dimensional appearance, you can create a mesh that highlights the center or the edge of an object. Now you'll create a mesh with highlighting.

Use the hand tool () to move the second butterfly at the bottom of the artwork to the center of the window.

Select the selection tool (), and click the top forewing on the pink butterfly to select it.

Choose Object > Create Gradient Mesh.

In the Create Gradient Mesh dialog box, leave 3 entered in the Rows text box. Type 3 in the Columns text box, and make sure that the Preview option is selected.

For Appearance, choose To Edge in the dialog box; notice the change to the highlighting in the selected object. Then choose To Center from the pop-up menu.

To Edge creates a highlight on the edges of the object. To Center creates a highlight in the center of the object.

For a color illustration of highlighted mesh objects, see figure 11-1 in the color section.

Type a value between 0% and 100% in the Highlight text box (we entered 60%), and press Tab to see the change to the artwork without closing the dialog box.

A value of 100% applies a maximum white highlight to the object. A value of 0% applies no white highlight to the object.

Select top forewing.

Apply highlight and preview.


Click OK to close the dialog box and create the highlighted mesh object.

Select the direct-select lasso tool (), and drag to draw a marquee over the tip of the forewing to select the four upper left anchor points on the mesh.

With the anchor points selected, click a color in the Color palette or Swatches palette to apply it to the points. (We selected the Color 4 swatch.)

Drag direct-select lasso to select mesh points.



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