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Warping a mesh

Now you'll experiment with changing the shape of the butterfly wing and its meshes using the warp tool. The warp tool, along with the other liquify tools, changes an object's shape.

Double-click the warp tool () in the toolbox to select the tool and display its Options dialog box.

The warp tool molds objects in the same way as if they were modeling clay. Dragging or pulling parts of an object with the warp tool causes the pulled areas to thin out. First you'll set the tool's options.

In the Warp Tool Options dialog box, enter 10 pt for both the Global Brush Dimensions Width and Height to set the size of the tool cursor.

Set the Intensity to 25%. The lower the intensity, the slower the rate of change when dragging the warp tool.

Leave the remaining Warp options as is.

Detail specifies the spacing between points introduced into the object's outline; the higher the value, the more closely spaced are the points. Simplify is related to Detail and reduces superfluous points that do not noticeably affect the shape's overall appearance.

Click OK.

In the artwork, position the warp tool over the right butterfly wing, and drag to warp the meshes. Continue to drag the tool and try out its effect.

Drag warp tool to warp mesh.

You can apply preset warp effects to paths, text, blends, and raster images. In addition, you can apply a warp effect as a live effect that can be removed at any time using the Effect menu. Once you apply the Warp effect, the warp appears in the Appearance palette, where you can save it as part of a style, select it for editing, expand it, or delete it. The effect also appears in the Layers palette, which displays the object as having an appearance applied.

If you don't like the effect, you can remove it before continuing with the lesson by choosing the File > Revert command.

Choose Select > Deselect. Choose File > Save to save your work.



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