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Review questions

1:Describe the difference between linking and embedding a placed file in Illustrator.
A1: A linked file is a separate, external file connected to the Illustrator file by an electronic link. A linked file does not add significantly to the size of the Illustrator file. The linked file must accompany the Illustrator file to preserve the link and ensure that the placed file appears in the Illustrator file. An embedded file is included in the Illustrator file. The Illustrator file size reflects the addition of the embedded file. Because the embedded file is part of the Illustrator file, no link can be broken. Both linked and embedded files can be updated using the Replace Link button in the Links palette.
2:How do you create an opacity mask for a placed image?
A2: You create an opacity mask by placing the object to be used as a mask on top of the object to be masked. Then you select the mask and the objects to be masked, and choose Make Opacity Mask from the Transparency palette menu.
3:What kinds of objects can be used as masks?
A3: A mask can be a simple or compound path. You can use type as a mask. You can import opacity masks with placed Photoshop files. You can also create layer clipping masks with any shape that is the topmost object of a group or layer.
4:What color modifications can you apply to a selected object using filters?
A4: You can use filters to change the color mode (RGB, CMYK, or Grayscale) or adjust individual colors in a selected object. You can also saturate or desaturate colors or invert colors in a selected object. You can apply color modifications to placed images, as well as to artwork created in Illustrator.
5:Describe how to replace a placed image with another image in a document.
A5: To replace a placed image, select the placed image in the Links palette. Then click the Replace Link button, and locate and select the image to be used as the replacement. Then click Place. The replacement image appears in the artwork in place of the original image.



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