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Chapter 13. WORKING IN COLOR > Using the Xtra Color Commands

Using the Xtra Color Commands

Once you have created and used colors, the Color commands under the Xtras menu provide many ways you can adjust the colors in your documents. The Color Control Xtra lets you shift the colors in selected objects.

To use the Color Control dialog box:

Select the objects you want to adjust.

Choose Xtras > Colors > Color Control. This opens the Color Control dialog box 26.

Figure 26. The three different settings for the Color Control dialog box (from top to bottom): HLS, RGB, and CMYK.

Choose which color mode to use to adjust the colors:

  • CMYK lets you adjust the cyan, magenta, yellow, or black components of the color.

  • RGB lets you adjust the red, green, or blue components of the color.

  • HLS lets you adjust the hue, lightness or saturation components of the color.


The color can be defined in one color mode but adjusted in another.

Use the sliders or the fields to add or subtract color from the selected objects.

  • Positive numbers add color.

  • Negative numbers subtract color.

Check the Preview box to see how your adjustments affect the selected objects without actually applying the changes.

When you are satisfied with the color changes, click OK. Your changes are applied to the objects 27.

Figure 27. The Color Control dialog box in the HLS mode was applied to the original artwork to create the other two variations.



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