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Lesson 9. Two-Color Print Projects > Preparing final files for printing

Preparing final files for printing

Now that you have created your final duotone artwork, you can finalize your Illustrator file. You’ll update and align your duotone, draw crop marks, and prepare your image for final printing.

Make Illustrator active. If you’re prompted to update files in the Links palette, click Yes.

Click the Links palette tab to bring the palette forward, or choose Window > Show Links to open the Links palette. In the Links palette, make sure that all layers are unlocked.

Select your duotone’s thumbnail, and choose Update Link from the Links palette menu. (If you closed and reopened the file, the links will already be updated.)

Position the curvy text above and just to the left of the white halo shadow. To select the curvy type more easily, you can lock the Bottom Bar and Working Layers in the Layers palette.

To create the drop shadow easily, position the image so that the shadow type is directly behind the black-and-red type. Then press the arrow keys to offset the image down and to the right.

Offset white shadow text

Select the rectangle tool, and Alt/Option-click the center of the page. Enter 11.75 inches for Width and 9 inches for Height in the dialog box. Don’t worry about the fill and stroke.

With the selection tool, center the box on your poster. With the box selected, choose Object > Crop Marks > Make. Crop marks appear that define the area inside the rectangle you just made.

Save your work.



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