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Lesson 1. Preparing Images for Print or ... > Preparing an image for the Web - Pg. 18

Preparing Images for Print or the Web 18 Increasing shadows in black channel 3. Save your changes. Printing and proofing Printing a color composite proof or film separations for a color laminate proof is the next step if you are planning to go to press with this project. 1. Save your changes. The file is saved automatically in the Photoshop format. Saving the original, layered file in the Photoshop format preserves the layers for future editing. The TIFF and EPS file formats flatten the image into a single layer. The sample artwork on the opening page of this lesson shows a copy of the image you just prepared, saved in the TIFF format, and placed in Adobe Illustrator 9. In Illustrator, type was added, the file was color-separated, and then it was proofed as a single sheet. You could choose to add type in Photoshop by first setting the background color to white, and then en-