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Lesson 6. Creating an Animated Web Ad Ba... > Optimizing and exporting the banner

Optimizing and exporting the banner

As a final step before exporting your banner, you will optimize your file. To see how the file will look when optimized, you will preview several settings to see how each affects the banner’s look. You can then decide to adjust your banner accordingly to which looks the best at the required file size. Remember that most Web sites limit banners to a file size no larger than 10K.

In the document window, click the 4-Up tab at the top of the window. This window lets you compare different settings, so that you can choose the best-looking banner at the smallest file size.

Previewing the artwork in the 4-Up window

Make sure that the second frame from the top is selected.

In the Optimize palette, select these settings:

  • Choose GIF with a Lossy setting of 0.

  • Choose Adaptive from the pop-up menu, and set the number of colors to 64.

  • Set the Dither to 0%.

    Optimize palette

Choose File > Save Optimized, name your banner Banner.gif, and click Save.

Experiment with the color setting to get the best-looking banner within the 10K file size limit. If you can’t get the banner to look the way you want, you may have to remove some frames (for example, the blinking eyes) to allow for more colors and a more attractive result.

As an alternative, ImageReady also lets you set the file size. ImageReady then removes color and specifies the dither and loss amount needed to achieve the specified file size. Remember that this does not necessarily mean the banner will look great when it’s done. Again, you must experiment and compromise with animation and colors to get the best-looking banner at the file size you need.

Now preview how ImageReady would optimize the file.

From the Optimize palette menu, choose Optimize to File Size.

Select Start With Current Settings. Enter the desired file size, and click OK.

Optimize to File Size dialog box

If desired, repeat step 4 to save your changes, either renaming the file or replacing the file you already saved.

Save your work.

Close the file, and quit ImageReady.

To screen the animation your audience will see, launch your Web browser and open the file you just optimized.

You’ve completed the lesson.



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