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Lesson 3. Color Management and Distribut... > Matching colors in different applica...

Matching colors in different applications

To match the tangerine color in the gradient to other elements that will be added to the layout in Adobe Illustrator, you’ll need to take a reading on the gradient.

Click the Info palette tab to bring the palette forward. (If the palette isn’t visible on-screen, choose Window > Show Info to display it.)

Click the eyedropper tool in the toolbox.

In the image, move the pointer to the very top of the gradient, where the tangerine color is the most saturated. Shift-click to set a color target. In the Info Window, note those CMYK values at the target (#1). (The example shows C=1, M=72, Y=93, and K=1.)

Note these values for use later, in “Matching color and assembling artwork” on page 95.

Color target showing CMYK values

When you have finished, choose File > Save As, and navigate to the Lesson03/03PSD folder. Rename the file Backgrnd_CMYK.psd. Select Embed Color Profile to save the profile of the destination space with the file, and click Save.

Detail of Save As dialog box

To save a profile with an image, you must select a file format that supports embedded profiles. Supporting formats include the native Photoshop (PSD) format, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PICT. The two DCS formats also save profiles with CMYK mode files. If you select a format that doesn’t support embedded profiles—such as GIF, PNG, and BMP— the Embed Color Profile option is dimmed.



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