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Lesson 7. Working with Type > Adjusting the text flow

Adjusting the text flow

You'll shorten the first text column to fit the quote and byline and force the rest of the type to begin in the second column. Because the type containers are linked, adjusting any of the columns affects all of them and the type within them.

Choose Edit > Deselect All to deselect the artwork.

Select the direct-selection tool ( ) in the toolbox. The direct-selection tool lets you resize one type container without resizing the others.

Select the bottom of the left column (don't release the mouse button), and then hold downShift and drag the bottom of the column up to just below the byline (the second paragraph).


You can easily locate the edges of type containers in two ways. Choose View > Smart Guides to turn on the Smart Guides and display the outlines, center points, and points of hidden objects whenever the pointer is over them. Or choose View > Outline to see the outlines of all the objects in the artwork without the fills or strokes hiding them.

Shift-dragging constrains the movement to a straight line. (Shift-clicking the bottom edge of the container with the direct-selection tool alternates between selecting and deselecting the container.)

Figure . Shift-drag type container to resize.

Notice how the type flows into the second column as you adjust it. Type flows from one object to another based on the type containers' stacking order. In this case, the stacking order is from left to right, in the order in which the columns were created.

Click away from the artwork to deselect it, and then choose File > Save.



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